PC Repair Services
  • PC Technical Support
  • PC Repair / Troubleshooting
  • PC Setup / Installation
  • PC Training / Tutoring
  • Anti-Virus Installation / Removal
  • Wired / Wireless Networking
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Memory Upgrades
PCs running any version of Windows need frequent updating and maintenance, especially if connected to an always-on broadband connection.

New vulnerabilities are always being found and patched. Keeping your computer up-to-date should be a priority to any computer user.

So who do you turn to when looking to service and repair your computer? Finding a qualified specialist capable of undertaking your PC's repair in a professional, competent and efficient manner can be a difficult task. Let us offer you our assistance.
Virus Prevention & Protection
A leading cause for data loss is Viruses and Malware. It only takes a second to become infected with a computer virus.
Almost everyone has anti-virus software installed on their PC, is it working? Has it been updated recently? Is it scanning actively providing on demand protection?

We undestand that dealing with viruses can be a stressful situation, thats where we come in. Let us deal with your systems infection so you can get back to the things that matter most.
Web And Application Development
At My Local Tech we understand that your business has specific needs.

Do you need a basic Web Presence?
Maybe you're looking to do some e-Commerce?
Digitize your current systems?
  • Inventory
  • Human Rescources
  • Billing
  • Phone Lists
  • Email Lists
  • The possabilities are endless!
With a digital system in place, your data is easily searchable, readily available and your production is guaranteed to increase. Not to mention your peace of mind.
Networking Services
Networking is a key piece of your business infrastructure, that's why it's important that your network is properly maintained by competent professionals.

No matter what your networking needs are, My Local Tech has you covered. We offer a dedicated 24hr emergency response line to help minimize downtime.
Home Automation
Home automation has been a fascination of many for the last 40 years, recent advances in technology have notably increased the popularity and availability of home automation systems.

Now is the perfect time to start a life of "real time" on demand home convenience!
Custom Built PC's
Are you in the market for a new computer? Why not let us custom build one for you.
Here are a few of the bennefits to custom builds.
  • Industry Standard Parts are easy to repair and replace
  • You get exactly what you pay for.
  • You dont get stuck with a bunch of Bloatware from the manufacturer.
  • Superior performance, at competitive prices. Components are much cheaper when you dont pay huge markups!
  • What you save on paying for a Big Name Brand you can put towards superior parts.
Ask us today how we can build your dream PC!